A Christian Pastor Trips Hard for Science

Greetings to you all!

A year ago, a friend messaged me an ad from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. It was an ad seeking spiritual leaders and clergy for a study on how psilocybin impacted the lives of said leaders and clergy. My good friend, Andy, thought this would be a perfect thing for me to do.

And so I did.

In December of 2018 and January of 2019, I did two ‘trials’, or ‘journeys’, or ‘trips’ with the Johns Hopkins Psychedelic Research lab. The first journey was a ‘high dose’, or about 20mgs per 70 kilos (about 22 mgs for me). The second was what they call a ‘heroic dose’, or about 30mgs per 70 kilos (about 35mgs).

This blog will be a playground where I work out ideas, excerpts, and confusions around the book I will be writing about my experiences.

The working title for the thing is “The Shimmering Cathedral of Beauty”. I don’t have a subtitle yet.

So stay tuned for a long, strange trip!

Peace and grace.

The Psychedelic Pastor

3 thoughts on “A Christian Pastor Trips Hard for Science”

  1. I am SO thrilled to hear there is at least one pastor out there that is doing this! I have a theory that many scenes depicted in the Bible could very well be influenced by psychedelics (though, I do believe in uninfluenced visions as well). This isn’t to belittle visions- God created psychedelics! I fully believe that he placed them on earth as path openers for us.

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