Body September 2023

The Body as Transport Device

Speaking of Bodies It is incredibly difficult to speak abstractly, clearly, and objectively about the thing that defines, translates, and enables our existence in the world. Instead, we often speak ‘analogically’ about the body. Analogical thinking is, for all practical purposes, metaphorical in its approach. We make best case assumptions about what the body is up to by saying, “My experience is like…”, or “The movement of blood in our veins is similar to…”. This…

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Gathering The Experienced

In my last few years as a pastor up in Maine, I often thought the American church, or at least my experience of it, needs a new map. Like overlaying a map of Paris on top of New York City and then finding new ways to get to places previously familiar, there need to be new pathways, new feeling networks that arc through the experience of faith and spirituality.  I have a sneaking suspicion this…

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