AI March 2024

Impressions of Artificial Intelligence – Part 1- The Reflected Light of AI

Where Did I Go? My last post was way back in October 2023. The last few months have been a little wacky, a little like coming to the top of a roller-coaster. Between looking for work and some crises on the home front, the ride might be coming back to the station. Finally, at the beginning of January I was able to start a new job with Invisible Technologies. It is contract work and I…

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Body September 2023

The Body as Transport Device

Speaking of Bodies It is incredibly difficult to speak abstractly, clearly, and objectively about the thing that defines, translates, and enables our existence in the world. Instead, we often speak ‘analogically’ about the body. Analogical thinking is, for all practical purposes, metaphorical in its approach. We make best case assumptions about what the body is up to by saying, “My experience is like…”, or “The movement of blood in our veins is similar to…”. This…

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